Sizing & Care

Sizing Guide


We size rings according to US sizes, and you can use the charts below to measure and convert international sizes. If you have a ring that fits well on the correct finger, measure the inside edge (diameter) in mm and compare to the chart. We also recommend visiting a jeweler to get sized, or ordering a reusable ring sizer like this one from Jewelry Saving Lives (bonus - they donate 10% to animal rescue). 

Other tips: 

  • When in doubt, size up. 
  • Don't forget to measure your knuckles and choose a size that fits over them.
  • Fingers can swell depending on the time and temperature. We recommend measuring your fingers at room temperature at the end of the day. 


 Measuring At Home

ring measuring instruction chart


International Conversions

Size Chart


To find your bracelet size, measure the circumference of your wrist above the wrist bone. If you like your bracelets to sit tighter above the wrist bone (recommended for hand chains), add 1/2 inch to your wrist size. if you like your bracelets to sit below the wrist bone (more loose) add 1 inch to your wrist size.


Care Instructions

Clean your jewelry by gently rubbing it with a polishing cloth, like a Sunshine Polishing Cloth® (at least one of these is included in every Many Hands order, or we have them available for individual purchase). Oxygen, moisture and other chemicals cause tarnishing and dullness, so we recommend storing your jewelry in an air-tight container when not being worn. A ziplock bag or mason jar works great! 

Avoid prolonged exposure to chlorine, pools, hot tubs, and spas.

If you have any care questions, send an email to and we'll be happy to help.